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This search form will search for strings in articles on the site. Use the drop-down menu to limit your search to the text of the article (which includes figure captions), to article titles, to article authors (which excludes names found in references) or to expand your search to all three sections.

The search is case insensitive: ontogeny also matches Ontogeny (or OnToGeNy, if that actually was in the database), for example.

The search treats input with spaces as a single string, not as a series of words, so a search for gonadotropin unit will only find instances of the string "gonadotropin" followed by a space, followed by "unit"—not articles which include both words anywhere in the text. (Therefore, complete phrases need not be enclosed in quotes unless the quotes are part of the string being searched for.)

It does not understand Boolean operators (AND, OR and NOT). They will be treated as part of the search string.

It understands a single wildcard character, %. The wildcard matches text within a single paragraph, not over an entire article, so prenatal%neuron will match articles with "prenatally generated neurons" in one paragraph, but not an article with "prenatal" in one paragraph and "neuron" in another. % wildcards are assumed at the beginning and end of the search string, so searching for %prenatal neurons may not produce the results you expect.

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